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Michael M. Gielnik (Dipl.-Psych.)




Tel & Fax

+49 (0) 641 - 99 26 225
+49 (0) 641 - 99 26 229


Biographical Notes

since 10/2006 Department of Work & Organizational Psychology, University of Giessen (Research Assistant and PhD-Student, Topic: Opportunity Detection and Exploitation-Psychological Factors for Start-Up and Success in Entrepreneurship)
11/2005-09/2006 Research International GmbH & Co.KG (Research Executive)
Okt 05 Diplom (Masters) in Psychology, University of Giessen
08/2004-01/2005 Deutsche Lufthansa AG (Internship)
04/2004-07/2004 Institute for Brand and Communication Research, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Giessen (Student Assistant)
05/2003-09/2003 Master Thesis in Cape Town, South Africa: The Relationship of Learning Opportunities and subsequent Learning Behaviour to Learning Outcomes and Business Success: A Study among South African Entrepreneurs
03/2003-04/2003 Western Cape Business Opportunities Forum (WECBOF) in Cape Town, Southafrica (Internship)
11/2001-07/2004 Department of Psychological Methods, Faculty of Psychology, University of Giessen (Student Assistant)
10/1999-10/2005 Studies of Psychology, Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen

Research Interests

Entrepreneurial Cognition and Motivation in the Opportunity Detection and Exploitation Process

Experiential Learning in Entrepreneurship: Learning from Problems, Errors, and Failures

Research Projects

STEP-Entrepreneurship Training for Students in Uganda

Courses & Seminars

WiSe 08/09 Arbeitsmotivation
SoSe 2008 Entrepreneurship
WiSe 07/08 Training
SoSe 2007 Stress and Stress Prevention
WiSe 06/07 Theories of Work Psychology

Publications & Presentations

Articles & Book Chapters

Molz, G., Gielnik, M. M., & Stephan, E. (2009). Biased Consumers' Hypotheses on Price-Quality- Relationships: Influences of Numerical Anchors. In F. Saito (Ed.), Consumer Behavior (pp. 197-211). Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers. Download
Unger, J.M., Keith, N., Hilling, C., Gielnik, M.M., & Frese, M. (2009). Deliberate practice among South African small business owners: Relationships with education, cognitive ability, knowledge, and success. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 82, 21-44. Download
Unger, J., Rauch, A., Lozada, M., & Gielnik, M. (2008). Success of small business owners in Peru: Strategies and cultural practices. International Journal of Psychology, 43(3-4), 561-561.
Molz, G. & Gielnik, M. (2006). Does the introduction of the Euro have an effect on subjective hypotheses about the price-quality relationship? Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 5, 204-210. Download

Talks & Presentations

Gielnik, M. M. & Frese, M. (2009). The Interplay of Creative Ability and Diverse Information in the Entrepreneurial Process. Paper presented at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Chicago, IL. Download
Unger, J.M., Gielnik, M., Keith, N., & Hilling, C. (2007). Deliberate Practice and Entrepreneurial Success. Paper presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Philadelphia, PA.
Gielnik, M., Unger, J. M., Hilling, C., Steinmetz, H., & Frese, M. (2007). Turning Experiences into Knowledge and Success: the Role of Learning Strategies. Poster presented at the 13th European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology, Stockholm, Sweden. Poster
Unger, J. M., Gielnik, M., Hilling, C., & Frese, M. (2005). Experiential learning in entrepreneurship: Learning strategies, knowledge, and success. Poster presented at the 9th European Congress of Psychology, Granada, Spain.
Unger, J. M., Hilling, C., Gielnik, M., & Frese, M. (2005). Building expertise at work: Deliberate practice, knowledge, and success in the domain of entrepreneurship. Poster presented at the 9th European Congress of Psychology, Granada, Spain.
Molz, G. & Gielnik, M. (2005). Wie beeinflussen die Faktoren Euroeinführung, Produktsegment, Involvement und Rationalität die Wahrnehmung der Qualität von Produkten? Paper presented at the 46. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen (TeaP), Giessen, Germany. Talk
Gielnik, M., Lipke, N., Molz, G., & Stippekohl, B. (2005). Der Trivialismusvorwurf an die psychologische Forschung: ein Experiment über Hypothesen zur Punktevergabe beim "Grand Prix d'Eurovision de la Chanson". Poster presented at the 46. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen (TeaP), Giessen, Germany.
Gielnik, M., Molz, G., Gebhardt, H., & Stippekohl, B. (2003). Fakten und Legenden beim Grand Prix d'Eurovision de la Chanson - Sagen Psychologen wirklich nur das, was wir alle schon immer wussten? Poster presented at the 45. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen (TeaP), Kiel.
Molz, G., Hopf, A., & Gielnik, M. (2003). Die Psychologie des Euro: Gibt es bei der Größenschätzung von Münzen aus unterschiedlichen Ländern soziale Akzentuierungseffekte? Poster presented at the 45. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen (TeaP), Kiel, Germany.
Gielnik, M., Molz, G., Möller, D.R., & Hopf, A. (2002). Beeinflusst der Wechsel auf EURO-Preise das Image von Premiumprodukten? Poster presented at the 44. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen (TeaP), Chemnitz, Germany.



Prof. Frese has left University of Giessen to work at University of Lueneburg and National University of Singapore.

You can still download his articles under the link below.


Univ. of Lueneburg





Focus on opportunities as a mediator of the relationships between business owners' age and venture growth


Journal of Business Venturing




Die Paradoxie des Innovation Championings: Wenn Handeln und Kontext im Widerspruch stehen


September 2009


6. Tagung der Fachgruppe Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie der DGPs, Wien